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101 Whole30 Father's Fay Recipes

101 Whole30 Father’s Day Recipes


I’ve collected 101 Whole30 Father’s Day Recipes that celebrate dads while respecting their health goals. That's right, it's a massive Whole30 recipe roundup... with grill marks!

This Father’s Day, show your love and appreciation for what a badass Dad is with (what else?) grilled meat. Plus, bacon. Also known as: Father’s Day classics! I’ve collected more than 100 of my favorite Whole30 Father’s Day recipes that celebrate dads while respecting their health goals. That’s right, it’s a massive Whole30 recipe roundup… with grill marks! These healthy Father’s Day recipes are sure to show your father how much he means to you. There’s definitely a Whole30 Father’s Day recipe in here for every day—plus plenty of food anyone can enjoy. Cheers, Dad.

This is Whole30 summer celebration food! There are plenty of extra-special Whole30 breakfast ideas to start the day right. This is no time for simple fried eggs! (Unless your father wants them, of course.) Then there are lots and lots of grilling recipes, both for meat and vegetables. Some warm-weather potluck favorites have made their way in here. There’s even a small section with some Whole30 dessert suggestions because Dad should live a little.

Father’s Day Breakfast

Coffee-crusted steak and eggs. Bacon taco frittata. Sweet potato waffle breakfast sandwiches. McMuffins. McGriddles. All of these ideas are Whole30! The creativity of the Whole30 recipe community is to be celebrated, for sure. Just like Dad, on his special day.

Father’s Day Sides/Starters

Serve up a plate of buffalo chicken jalapeño poppers, or set out layered cold taco salad, or dish up delicious baked potato wedges with chipotle-lime aioli. The sky’s the limit with the mouth-watering ideas for Whole30 appetizers and sides.

Father’s Day Main Dishes

What would a list of Whole30 Father’s Day recipes be without plenty of ideas for the main dish? I’ve divided the recipes by protein choice so it’s easy to find the exact type of mouth-watering celebratory recipe you’re looking for.

Beef/Wild Meat



Father’s Day Desserts

Choose a Whole30 Father’ Day dessert! Desserts aren’t the emphasis of the Whole30, since added or processed sugar isn’t part of the protocol, but some simple sweet things can still be enjoyed.

Lastly, if you haven’t started planning your Father’s Day menu yet and want to save this collection of recipe ideas for later, pin it!

Enjoy 101 Whole30 Father’s Day Recipes the whole family will love, that celebrate dads while respect their health goals. Cheers!

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